The Millennium Sorceress (previously Mythos) is a saga that follows a sorceress named Elda Val Xiphos throughout her 1,000 years of life. As Sorceress Elda faces the long centuries ahead she must also answer a series of troubling questions: Why are shamans plagued with visions of Telluria's end? Why are sorceresses mysteriously dying in their slumber? With the swell of pro-republic supporters in the Hespedian Empire, is a bloody civil war inevitable? A millennia seems like more than enough years to solve the growing conflicts on Telluria until Sorceress Elda realizes that life is a ceaseless battle, and at times the cruelest villain she has to face is time itself.


My mission when it comes to The Millennium Sorceress is to have fun. This project is a toy that never grows dull. The more I play with it, the more fascinating things I discover. This is what drives me to keep returning. I have no intention of ever publishing The Millennium Sorceress; however, I would not mind sharing this world of mine with anyone who understands the joys of creativity and gaining inspiration. I hope that sums up this project as well as the purpose of this website. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to look around! ♥


October 20, 2014: All links are now functional... I hope. I have something under cast, world, and misc. The story page is set up but there is nothing there yet. Everything is still being skimmed for errors and edited accordingly, so please bear with me again. It is my goal to have everything set within the next few weeks. I will see though. Okay, that's it~
October 18, 2014: Alright, alright, alright~ Time to get to work! Bear with me.